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Machine Intelligence Research and Application Centre for Learning Excellence

MIRACLE - Centre of Excellence

Supported by the EC grant No. ICA1-CT-2000-70002: MIRACLE
The Department of Cybernetics of the Czech Technical University - MIRACLE Centre - received the EC support in the context of the Centres of Excellence scheme under the programme "Confirming the International Role of Community Research" of the Fifth Framework Programme. MIRACLE Centre consists of two research laboratories - Gerstner Laboratory for Intelligent Decision Making and Control, Centre for Machine Perception - which belong to the Czech leading centres in computer vision and machine perception, data warehousing, industrial production system integration and production planning information systems. MIRACLE Centre has been involved in several international projects such as ESPRIT, TEMPUS, EUREKA, TEN, INCO-COPERNICUS, IST etc. and has co-operated with several significant international companies through various industrial contracts (e.g. Rockwell Automation (USA), Boeing Co. (USA), VITATRON Medical (NL), Grundfos (DK) etc.)

Our aim is to become an internationally recognized Centre of Excellence in the area of Artificial Intelligence, to share the expertise and further improve the quality of our research by increased cooperation with leading European researchers and top centres of excellence.

Last update: July 9, 2003