Detail of the student project

Topic:TRRT-path method for cooperative surveillance by group of UAVs
Supervisor:Ing. Martin Saska Dr. rer. nat.
Announce as:PTO
Description:The aim of this project is to design, develop and experimentally verified a motion planning algorithm for simultaneous solving the problems of optimal coverage and deployment (defined in [3]) in autonomous surveillance by a team of Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAVs).
Work plan:
-To implement the motion planning algorithm RRT-path [1,2], to extend it for solving the problem of autonomous cooperative surveillance by MAVs relatively localized using the onboard system [5] and to integrate it with TRRT algorithm [6].
-To verify the implemented system in Gazebo robotic simulator under ROS.
-To adapt the system for using with platforms of Multi-Robot Systems group at CTU and to prepare a set of trajectories for experimental evaluation of their feasibility by real MAVs.
Max.number of students:6

Warning: the registration to the PTO can be canceled only by supervisor.
Responsible person: Petr Pošík