Detail of the student project

Topic:Diagnosis of PROFINET networks with respect to Industry 4.0
Supervisor:Pavel Burget
Announce as:PTO
Description:PROFINET is an industrial communication technology that has become number-one solution at European car manufacturers. Based on Ethernet it combines different types of communication such as real-time transfer of I/O data, TCP/IP packets or streams etc. It is important to monitor the communication continuously to be sure that the key performance indicators are met. A supervisory system must be aware of the current situation and must be able to predict potential worsening of the performance of the communication in advance.
Testbed for Industry 4.0 in CIIRC is based on PROFINET. The purpose of this project is to connect various PROFINET diagnostic tools to Testbed, adapt them as necessary, collect data and analyze them in a suitable manner. Cloud connectivity is expected and various analytical functions will be used in a cloud-based as well as local environments. The decision about the cloud platform will be done later, however the following platforms come into account: Siemens MindSphere, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, SAP Hana.

1. Get acquainted with Siemens BANY set of diagnostic tools. Propose the connection of the tools to Testbed.
2. Get acquainted with a PC API to request information from the PROFINET devices over protocols SNMP and RPC.
3. Design the architecture of the diagnostic system. Implement the system.
4. Propose the modelling mechanism that would allow processing the data from the PROFINET network locally and send the results of the local processing to a cloud.
5. Implement the analytical functions running in the local environment and in the cloud.
Max.number of students:4

Warning: the registration to the PTO can be canceled only by supervisor.
Responsible person: Petr Pošík