Detail of the student project

Topic:International F1/10 Autonomous Racing Competition
Supervisor:Joel Matějka
Announce as:PTO
Description:Building autonomous cars is a challenging task. You can be part of the team that has experience with such cars and try to build your own model of a race car to take part in the F1/10 racing competition.

The main task is to drive around corridors and hallways in a building avoiding any static (walls, plastic barriers, ...) and dynamic obstacles (other cars). You will use existing car model based on Ubuntu, ROS, NVIDIA Jetson TX2, and implement a local trajectory planner and a motion estimation algorithm in C++/Python.

The competition will take place at the CPS Week 2018 in Portugal.


1. Get familiar with Ubuntu, ROS, the existing car model and hardware (NVIDIA TX2).
2. Implement and integrate a local trajectory planner and a motion estimation algorithm into existing software components. Use any C++/Python packages.
3. WIN!


[1] F1/10 Competition []
[2] Robotic Operating System []
[3] A novel obstacle avoidance algorithm: “Follow the Gap Method” []
Max.number of students:4
Booked students:Anders Solberg Pedersen, David Kopecký, Jan Bednář, Jaroslav Klapálek
Responsible person: Petr Pošík