Detail of the student project

Topic:Multi-Sensor Unit for Autonomous Driving - Experimental Subscale Vehicle Platform
Supervisor:Martin Hromčík Garant: Ing. Jan Čech Ph.D.
Announce as:PTO

The goal of the project is to design, develop and validate an experimental stereoscopic-camera-based multisensor platform for autonomous and assisted vehicle control systems. The project comprises HW design and realization (cameras, IMU, GPS, odometry, on-board computer), algorithms and software (synchronous data acquisition, video-streaming), and testing on a subscale vehicle (1:5 electric high-performance off-road RC car - HPI Baja, Losi Desert Buggy, or similar). The scope of the project is autonomous off-road driving and active stability systems. The project is sponsored by Toyota Research Lab,
Max.number of students:6
Booked students:Burak Aydin, David Pekárek, Dominik Filyó, Martin Vlašimský, Michal Bahník, Srinath Rangarajan
Responsible person: Petr Pošík