Téma:Intelligent Heliport for Micro Aerial Vehicles
Vedoucí:Gaël Ecorchard; Garant:
Vypsáno jako:Diplomová práce,Bakalářská práce,Individuální projekt,Semestrální projekt
Popis:A first version of intelligent heliport was designed at the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics (CIIRC), note that the picture is only illustrative. This device provides micro aerial-vehicles (MAVs) a landing platform, a locking system and a movable cover for transport, as well as a charging station. The mechanical part of the device is finished and the electronic part is well advanced. The student will be in mainly charge of developing the software part of the system:

image processing for evaluation of the helicopter position
communication with the helicopter to guide the helicopter during the final landing phase, and to ensure safe charging and transport of the MAV (development both on the heliport and helicopter)
verification of correct landing through voltage measurement

Moreover, a custom small printed-circuit board will have to be developed and implemented on the MAV for voltage balancing during charging.
Expectations: basic knowledge in C/C++, electronic design. The communication with the supervisor and the written report can be in English or in Czech.
Vypsáno dne:06.10.2015