Téma:Exploration with Topological Maps
Vedoucí:Gaël Ecorchard; Garant:
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Popis:Topological maps have the serious advantage over metric maps that the quantity of information that needs to be saved is of a few order of magnitude smaller. However, autonomous exploration and building of such maps requires that the exploring algorithm is able to decide by itself when a new node must be saved in the map. A framework was developed at the CIIRC to ease the management of such large topological maps and this framework includes some exploration modules. These modules have a heuristic to decide when to save a new node into the map but still miss the property to actively look for potential nodes. The aim of this work is to improve these modules by adding such advanced search algorithms.
Expectations: basic knowledge in C/C++ or Python. The communication with the supervisor and the written report can be in English or in Czech.
Vypsáno dne:06.10.2015