Téma:Web application measuring human ability to predict age
Vedoucí:Ing. Vojtěch Franc Ph.D.
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Popis:The computer based age estimation has seen significant progress in the recent years due to the advent of convolutional neural networks. The CNNs are evaluated on standard benchmarks containing examples of facial images along with the biological age of captured people. Performance of humans on the same benchmarks is however largely unknown. The task will be to program interactive web application for measuring the humans' ability to predict age from a facial photograph. The application will displays a set of facial images randomly selected from a database. The measured subject will predict age of the displayed people and submits his/her estimates. The application will generate a report accessing the subject's accuracy based on comparison of the ground truth age and the submitted annotation.

Realizace:SW project
Vypsáno dne:08.02.2017
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