Valeo Scholarship

Scholarship 120 000 CZK Are you at the first year of your master studies in Open Informatics, or Cybernetics and Robotics? Are you a technology enthusiast, strong in math, physics or programming, with an interest related to the development of self-driving cars? If your answers are “YES”, then the Valeo CTU Scholarship is meant for …read more

Robolab Opening

Slavnostní otevření učebny Robolab
Dept. of Cybernetics established a new lab for teaching robotic courses. Come to celebrate its opening with us! When: October 10, 2018, at 13:00 Where: Room KN:E-130, 1st floor, building E, FEE CTU, Charles square 13, Prague 2 We kindly ask you to register such that we can order adequate amount of refreshments! The lab …read more

CyberSpace 2

CyberSpace 2
Are you still looking for an interesting topic for your bachelor or master thesis? Department of Cybernetics invites you to CyberSpace, an informal meeting with coffee and refreshments, where we present some of the projects we work on and where you can take part in the form of your bachelor/diploma project. It is an excellent …read more

BODIS – workshop at IROS2018

BODIS - workshop at IROS2018
Matěj Hoffmann is co-organizing a workshop at IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems IROS2018. BODIS: The utility of body, interaction and self learning in robotics.

Ing. Jiří Borovec defended his Ph.D. thesis

Ing. Jiří Borovec successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled Analysis of microscopy images (supervisor: prof. Dr. Ing. Jan Kybic). Congratulations!

Human-robot interaction at HRI 2018

(English) Human-robot interaction at HRI 2018
Work in collaboration with IIT Genoa and Yale University on Compact real-time avoidance on a humanoid robot for human-robot interaction appeared at the HRI 2018 Conference held in Chicago. [pdf @ arxiv | youtube video]

Radomír Černoch, MSc. defended his Ph.D. thesis

Radomír Černoch, MSc. successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled Lock-chart Solving (supervisor: prof. Ing. Filip Železný, Ph.D.). Congratulations!

System for plant and fungi recognition from images, developed at the Dept. of Cybernetics, wins three international challenges.

System of deep neural networks for recognition of plants and fungi from images, developed by Milan Sulc and Jiri Matas from the Dept. of Cybernetics FEE CTU in cooperation with Lukas Picek from the Dept. of Cybernetics FAS UWB, scored first in three international challenges: 2018 FGCVx Flower Classification Challenge 2018 FGCVx Fungi Classification Challenge …read more

The little android with a sense of touch

(English) The little android with a sense of touch
A typical feature of mammals lies in their ability to experience sensations, something that robots are beginning to imitate. With the help of artificial skins and algorithms, our researchers have managed to make a small humanoid robot aware of human contact and even notice if someone is invading his ‘living’ space. The little android with …read more

Ing. Tomáš Petříček defended his Ph.D. thesis

Ing. Tomáš Petříček successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled Coupled Learning and Planning for Active 3D Mapping (supervisor: doc. Ing. Tomáš Svoboda, Ph.D.). Congratulations!
Responsible person: Helena Houšková