Best paper honorable mention prize for Zuzana Kúkelová, Martin Bujňák, Jan Heller and Tomáš Pajdla

Paper Singly-Bordered Block-Diagonal Form for Minimal Problem Solvers by Zuzana Kukelova (Microsoft Research Cambridge), Martin Bujnak (Capturing Reality), Jan Heller and Tomas Pajdla received Best Paper Honorable Mention prize at ACCV 2014. Congratulations!

David Hurych defended his Ph.D. thesis

David Hurych successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled Linear Predictors for Real-time Object Tracking and Detection (supervisor: Doc. Tomáš Svoboda). Congratulations!

Face recognition in “Studio 6” report in Czech TV

Studio 6, a Czech TV morning show, broadcasted a report about a scientific fair (in Czech only) (see also scientific fair (in Czech only). The report features (starting at 00:40) the face recognition project, a long-term effort of the Center for Machine Perception, group of prof. Matas. Many thanks for the representation of our department!

Drones and mobile robots at TV Barrandov

On August 18, 2014, a local Czech TV Barrandov broadcasted a short report about drones and mobile robots at our department (in Czech, the report starts at 24:10). Thanks to Michal Reinstein for a representation of our department!

Results of our BIA research group presented in Technicall magazine

The results of the Biomedical Imaging Algorithms (BIA) research group headed by doc. Jan Kybic are presented in Technicall magazine (1/2014). To learn more, see the articles (in Czech) called Počítač v roli patologa and Užitečný nástroj pro genetiky.

Special monitoring bird box

MSc student Petr Kubizňák and members of the team headed by prof. Hlaváč developed a special bird box for the Czech university of life sciences! You can learn more in the article called Odborníci sledují sýce rousné pomocí speciální monitorovací budky (in Czech). Congratulations!

Application of Projective Reconstruction Based on Cake Configuration

Application of Projective Reconstruction Based on Cake Configuration
Martin Urban, Tomas Pajdla, Tomas Werner, Vaclav Hlavac Center for Machine Perception Czech Technical University, Prague,  Reconstruction was done in the following steps: Corresponding points were marked by mouse in 10 sequence images. Polygons were marked, each in one image. Projective reconstruction via trifocal tensors in CAKE configurations was done (See Tech. report …read more

Best presentation award for James Pritts

Best presentation award for James Pritts
James Pritts, Ondřej Chum and Jiří Matas won the Best presentation award for their paper On the geometry of co-planar repeated patterns at the 2014 Computer Vision Workshop, Křtiny, Czech Republic. Congratulations!

Lukáš Cerman defended his Ph.D. thesis

Lukáš Cerman successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled Tracking with Context (supervisor: prof. Václav Hlaváč). Congratulations!

Best paper award for James Pritts

Best paper award for James Pritts
James Pritts won the Best Paper Award for the paper Approximate models for fast and accurate epipolar geometry estimation at the 2013 Conference on Image and Vision Computing, New Zealand. Congratulations!!!
Responsible person: Petr Pošík