Matěj Petrlík presents A Robust UAV System for Operations in a Constrained Environment

On 2020-12-01 - 2020-12-01 11:00:00 at
In this letter we present an autonomous system intended for aerial monitoring,
inspection and assistance in Search and Rescue (SAR) operations within a
constrained workspace. The proposed system is designed for deployment in
demanding real-world environments with extremely narrow passages only slightly
wider than the aerial platform, and with limited visibility due to the absence
of illumination and the presence of dust. The focus is on precise localization
in an unknown environment, high robustness, safety and fast deployment without
any need to install an external infrastructure such as an external computer and
localization system. These are the main requirements of the targeted SAR
scenarios. The performance of the proposed system was successfully evaluated in
the Tunnel Circuit of the DARPA Subterranean Challenge, where the UAV
with ground robots to precisely localize artifacts in a coal mine tunnel
The challenge was unique due to the intention of the organizers to emulate the
unpredictable conditions of a real SAR operation, in which there is no prior
knowledge of the obstacles that will be encountered.

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