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Téma:Automated Face Swaping
Vedoucí:Ing. Vojtěch Franc Ph.D.
Vypsáno jako:DP,BP,PTO
Popis:The task will be to develop a system for automated face swapping. The system first learns a model of a target identity from examples of his/her face images. Then, given an arbitrary source face the system creates a new face of the the target identity which preserves pose, facial expression and lighting conditions of the source face.
Pokyny:A detailed description of the method will be provided by the supervisor.
Literatura:- D.Bitouk et al. Face Swapping: Automatically Replacing Faces in Photographs. SIGGRAPH 08.
- K.Dale et al. Video Face Replacement. ACM Transactions on Graphics 2011.
- I.Korshunova et al. Fast Face-swap Using Convolutional Neural Networks. ICCV 2017.
Vypsáno dne:09.02.2018
Max.number of students:6

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