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Téma:F1/10 Autonomous Racing
Vedoucí:Joel Matějka
Vypsáno jako:PTO
Popis:Building autonomous cars is a challenging task. You can be part of the team that has experience with such cars, and try to drive a race car model autonomously.

The main task is to drive around corridors and hallways in a building avoiding any static (walls, plastic barriers, ...) and dynamic obstacles (other cars). You will use an existing car model based on Ubuntu, ROS, NVIDIA Jetson TX2, and implement a local trajectory planner and a motion estimation algorithm in C++/Python. Test your solution, learn from the wrong ways, crash and repair the car many times and have fun! Join us and participate in building an autonomous car with us!

1. Get familiar with Ubuntu, ROS, the existing car model and hardware (NVIDIA TX2).
2. Improve the local trajectory planner and the motion estimation algorithm so that the car goes faster. Use any C++/Python packages.
3. Test your solution and get the car ready for the competition.
(4. WIN – next round will be probably in September).

[1] F1/10 Competition [http://f1tenth.org]
[2] Robotic Operating System [http://ros.org]
Vypsáno dne:08.02.2019
Max.number of students:5
Booked students:David Zahrádka, Jan Vojnar, Martina Dubeňová, Mikhail Ivanov, Oxana Kovbasjuková
Za obsah zodpovídá: Petr Pošík