System I4Control®

I4Control®: non-contact control of a personal computer

i4cThe system I4Control® represents a novel type of computer periphery, which enables control of a personal computer through movement of eyes or head. Since it emulates computer mouse, it provides its user by a unique chance to communicate with all installed SW applications by means of his/her eye movements. The core of the system is a tiny black&white camera the position of which is invariable with respect to head of the user of the I4Control® system – this is achieved by fastening the camera to the frame of spectacles he/she is wearing. This solution does not require fixing the head – the user can move “freely” without any restrictions.

The camera records and evaluates on-line position of the user’s eye: when the eye is within the stable position it sends over the signal “stop”, otherwise the signal “proceed in the same direction” is generated. As long as the eye is outside of its stable position, the system repeats all the time the same signal, which moves the computer cursor in the direction corresponding to the present position of the eye with respect to the placement of the camera. The cursor can be stopped, of course: the corresponding signal is blinking and it emulates click or double-click. Both signals are activated by keeping the eye closed for sufficiently long period (the corresponding time parameter can be set individually to filter out spontaneous blinking).

The main advantages of the system are simple installation and usage, mobility as well as universality of the system, which can be connected to any computer through the USB interface. Last but not least merit is a low price of the system.

Responsible person: Petr Pošík