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Member of:
Lidi s celokatederní působností
Current Position:
Associate professor at the Department of Cybernetics.
Current Projects:
TEN Project ET1022 & INCO 1022 - Telematics Applications Programme & Task Force Educational Multimedia.

Obligatory course on Operating systems with Applications
Elective course on Discrete Event Systems with special attention to planning and scheduling
PhD. course on Evolutionary Computing
MSc. (Ing.) in Technical Cybernetics at the Czech Technical University (1970)
PhD. (CSc.) at the Czech Technical University (1982)
Adelsberger, H. Lazansky, J. Marik, V.: Information Management in Computer Integrated Manufacturing, 1. ed. Berlin: Springer, 1995 663 pp. ISBN 3-540-60286-0
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Responsible person: Kristina Lukešová