Jakub Schneider

Department of Cybernetics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Czech Technical University
Room: KN:G-202|C

Tel.: +420 22435 5 716

Current Position:
Researcher and External PhD
Current Projects:

  • A3B33KUI - Kybernetika a umělá inteligence (LS2013/14 a LS2014/15)
  • AE3B33KUI - Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence (LS2014/15)
  • A6M33BIO - Biometrie (ZS2013/14 a ZS2014/15)
  • Schneider, Janča; "Mutual Phase Spectrum Based Method for Epileptic Spike Tracking", POSTER 2013, Prague 2013
  • Smejkal, Kodl, Kodl jr., Novák, Schneider; "Strong Identification and Authentication Using Dynamic Biometric Signature", ICAITS 2014, Taipei 2014
  • Schneider, Novák, Jech; "Optimization of Parkinson Disease Treatment Combining Anti-Parkinson Drugs and Deep Brain Stimulation Using Patient Diaries", EMBC15, Milano "in press"
  • Bakštein, Schneider, Sieger, Novák, Wild, Jech; "Supervised Segmentation of Microelectrode Recording Artifacts Using Power Spectral Density", EMBC15, Milano "in press"
  • Smejkal, Kodl, Sieger, Novák, Schneider; "The dynamic biometric signature – is the biometric data in the created signature constant?", ICCST 2015, Taipei "in press"

Responsible person: Kristina Lukešová