Lidi s celokatederní působností
Současná pozice:
Současné projekty:
-Control of Robots with Artificial Life Elements - Project FRV 2437/F1/2003 of the Czech Ministry of Education - FRV
-Society of Intelligent Mobile Robots, Internal Grant IGS CTU 3098095/1998
-Society of Cooperative Mobots Based on Ethology, GACR Grant 2000.

-Mobile Robots and their Control(since 1992)
-Medical Informatics (since 1976)
-Supervisor of 35 successful defended Diploma Theses (MSc)from 1992 only
-Supervisor of 18 doctoral internal(PhD)Students till now.
The Ing. (MSc.) degree obtained in Technical Cybernetics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU in Prague in 1970, diploma thesis: "Computer Aided Dynamic System Optimization"
The CSc. (PhD) degree defended in Technical Cybernetics (1979): "Theory and Methods of Cluster Analyses and their Application in Medicine."
Vedoucí prací:
-"Theory and Methods of Cluster Analyses and their Application in Medicine." - defended at the CTU in Prague in 1980
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