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Petr Štěpán

Department of Cybernetics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Czech Technical University
Room: KN:E-121|A

Tel.: +420 22435 7 395

Current Position:
Researcher in Gerstner Laboratory
Current Projects:
COSYNA - Controll System for Autonomous Mobile Robots

Oparating Systems and Their Application
Descrete Event System
MSc. in Informatics at Charles University Faculty of Mathematics and Fisics, thesis: Implementation of Static Object Oriented Languages
Theses Supervised:
Diploma thesis: Tomas Hlavaty - User Interface for Mobile Robots
Stepan, P., Kral., L., Kulich M., Preucil, L.: Open Controll Architecture for Mobile Robots, Proc. of 14/th World Congress of IFAC, Beijing, China, 1999

Responsible person: Kristina Lukešová