Excellent research results in 2014 government evaluation

The government evaluation of research organizations for years 2010-2014 identified 276 best results of Czech research. This prestigous list contains 31 results from CTU, out of which 14 are due to Faculty of Electrical Engineering! In those 14 excellent results of FEE, 5 are from the Department of Cybernetics! Prof. Jiří Matas acts as a co-author in 3 of them!

The main criterion for the evaluation is the excellence of a result, which is measured by its impact (number of citations and awards for publications, industrial impact for application results). An optimal candidate result can thus be an invention protected by an international patent, or a highly cited article which also won some awards. Some of our results have all these attributes!

Read more in the faculty news (in Czech only).


Responsible person: Petra Rosická