Daniel Bonilla Licea presents Communications-Aware Robotics

On 2020-12-03 12:00:00 at The seminar will be held online
The importance of mobile robots (MRs) within the research community, industry
and society is growing fast. Many of these robots use communications systems
which are in some cases essential to successfully achieve their tasks. In
addition, the development of the 5G technology for cellular networks has opened
the doors for the integration of UAVs as part of the communications systems.
Within this context we have started to witness the development of a new
interdisciplinary research field which we could name communications-aware
robotics (CaR).

This research field merges robotics with communications theory and will
undoubtedly lead to many important applications in the near future. Its main
characteristic is that it the consideration of research problems it
simultaneously considers both robotics and communications aspects. This talk is
divided in two parts. In the first part I will provide an overview of this new
research area and well as describe their main characteristics. In the second
part I will show some examples of applications and briefly develop, with some
minor details, an illustrative problem.


The seminar will be via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 973 2297 4354
Passcode: 761877
Responsible person: Petr Pošík