About the MSDN AA – Microsoft DreamSpark program

Department of cybernetics is a member of Microsoft DreamSpark, formerly MSDN Academic Alliance, a licencing program of Microsoft, allowing the members to get unlimited number of licences for selected development products. These products may be used for educational and research purposes only, in the department computer labs, but also in the computers of teachers and home computers of students.

What products are included in DreamSpark

DreamSpark supports application development education. Thus, it does not contain the majority of Microsoft Office tools and applications for home users. It offers Windows operation systems, including SDK and DDK, server products (Windows Server, SQL Server, …), Visual Studio .NET, MSDN Library and other selected applications.

Who is eligible to use MSDN AA – Microsoft DreamSpark Premium program

  • Students on their home computers if they are in the curent semester enrolled in at least one computer-oriented course of the department which assumes the usage of Microsoft development tools. In case of our department, these courses contain A4M33PAL, A4M33RPR, A4M33TVS, A4B33SI, X33NRP, and bachelor and diploma projects, projects in teams and semestral projects, i.e. courses X33BP, X33DP, X33PMT, X33SP, A4M33SVP, X33SEM, and similar. Department of Cybernetics cannot provide the license to students who are not enrolled in any of the listed courses (Microsoft licence conditions).
  • PhD students.
  • Teachers, but only those teaching at least one technical course of the department.
  • Scientific and computer labs.
  • The licenced software can be used even after finishing the study at FEL. However, students will not receive any updates, and the licences expire naturaly after the product reinstallation, or after computer exchange.

Allowed uses of products licenced from MSDN AA – Microsoft DreamSpark

For the purposes of education and non-profit or grant research in the computer science field.

Prohibited uses of products licenced from MSDN AA – Microsoft DreamSpark

  • For profit research (e.g. when a company is invlolved) and education (e.g. to train external subjects).
  • For computers of parents, friends, etc.
  • For commercial development of applications, or other work for profit.
  • As a terminal used to access Unix/Linux (in the sense of predominant use).
  • For faculty works having nothing in common with research and eductaion (e.g. network or other infrastructure management systems).
  • Windows operation systems cannot be installed separately, only together with another Microsoft DreamSpark product, e.g. SQL server, Visual Studio apod.

How to register?

If you are an eligible user of MSDN AA – Microsoft DreamSpark Premium (see paragraphs above), just send an email to stating what course you study at our department. The email must be sent from the faculty domain You will receive the registration data in response.

Responsible person: Daniel Večerka