Detail of the student project

Topic:Small non-traditional UAV project
Supervisor:Martin Hromčík
Announce as:PTO
Description:While there are thousands of student RC project existing and reported on the web, a vast majority of them is based on the n-copters concept or standard winged aircraft. Both these concepts have their respective limitations and concerns (limited opretaing time, tak-off and landing issues etc.). The goal of this project is to elaborate and realize a diferent, non traditional solution with obvious advantages over these approaches. Two possible options to this problem (albite very different from each other) are VTOL vehicles, or pressurized water propelled vehicles, but the selection is not limited to these options. The studenst are supposed to evaluate critically the given objective, propose a solution they prefer and justify it, and realize the concept.
Max.number of students:4

Warning: the registration to the PTO can be canceled only by supervisor.
Responsible person: Petr Pošík