Detail of the student project

Topic:High-accuracy motion control with PMSM motors
Supervisor:Zdeněk Hurák
Announce as:PTO
Description:Within this project a few existing control units for PMSM motors (including BLDC motors) suitable for high-accuracy positioning will be examined and compared experimentally. Preference will be given to mature and well-maintained open-source & open-hardware projects such as ODRIVE [1] and VESC [2] (but possibly some more could be found). The ultimate goal is to choose one platform on which our own development of high-accuracy motion control loops could be based.

This student (team) project is immediately motivated by our running industrial grant, in which we aim at designing a new motion control system for a microelectronics assembly machine. While the current control system is based on closed commercial controllers, through this project we would like to consider the open-source & open-hardware alternatives.
Max.number of students:4
Booked students:Adam Polák, Daniel Bukovský, Lukáš Černý, Michal Stračinský
Responsible person: Petr Pošík