Téma:Healthy computer controller (keyboard replacement)
Vedoucí:Ing. Miroslav Uller , RNDr. Petr Pudlák Ph.D.
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Popis:Everybody knows that current computer controllers such as keyboards and mice
are quite unhealthy. Users suffer fro a lack of movement, develop unnatural
movement/postural patterns and ultimately repetitive strain injury. I
believe that one of solutions could be developing a controller that would
generate input for a computer using complex movements of arms (hands, fingers)
and legs. If such a controller would be well designed, it would promote good
movement patterns, help to gain physical condition and prevent many lifestyle
diseases. Just imagine a programmer leaving a computer after a long day,
his/her whole body stretched and exercised, instead of pains and aches just
light and pleasant physical fatigue.

This project would obviously require cooperation of experts in several fields, namely:

* in physiotherapy (to devise proper movement sequences/patterns),
* in the design input controllers (to map the movement sequences/patterns to computer inputs so that data can be entered efficiently),
* in engineering so that the controller would be robust, easy to manufacture and could replace keyboard/mouse in operating systems.

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