Téma:Turing's Imitation Game - Transcript Analysis
Vedoucí:Prof. Kevin Warwick
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Popis:Turing's Imitation Game (also known as the Turing Test) involves brief conversations between an interrogator and hidden entities which are either human or machine. At the end of each conversation the interrogator must decide who/what they have been communicating with - was it a human or a machine?.

Significant transcript data is presently available from a number of Turing test events held in the last 2/3 years, the most recent being at Bletchley Park, England in 2012. This project involves an analysis of new conversations between human interrogators and either machines or humans to assess why interrogators came to correct conclusions and why they made errors, for example by identifying machines as humans.
Pokyny:Contact: Kevin Warwick
Recommended courses: Artificial Intelligence
Literatura:K.Warwick, H,Shah and J.Moor,"Some Implications of a Sample of Practical Turing Tests",Minds and Machines,DOI10.1007/s11023-013-9301-y,2013
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