Téma:Mobile technologies for health care
Vedoucí:Doc. Ing. Lenka Lhotská CSc., Ing. Miroslav Burša Ph.D.
Vypsáno jako:Diplomová práce,Individuální projekt
Popis:The main aim of the project is design and implementation of communication and processing functions in the chain measuring device – smart phone – PC/laptop. The application will be used by non-technical personnel (medical doctors, nurses, patients). Thus the user interface must be designed according to their requirements. The measuring device is collecting biomedical signals (in the simplest version heart rate, in more complex ECG or PPG), the data communication is wireless using Bluetooth technology. Smart phone should have several functions: display of measured signal, simple calculation of indicative parameters with immediate information feedback (normal state, slight deviation, alarm), data communication to a PC for storage and detailed calculation. The data communication must respect all requirements laid on data privacy and security.
Used hardware and software: smart phone with Android operating system, PC/laptop (options Linux/Windows OS), Java programming language

Phases of the project
Study of applications of mobile technologies in medicine
Study of communication between mobile device and PC, mobile device and signal acquisition device
Study and development of a small system for monitoring task:
- Defining the monitoring task (acquisition of selected biological signal, feature extraction and classification)
- Design of individual methods
- Implementation of selected methods
- Experiments
Final report
Literatura:Al-Hakim, L.: Web mobile-based Applications for Heathcare Management. Idea Group Publishing. 2007 Olla, Phillip: Mobile Health Solutions for Biomedical Applications. Hershey, 2009 Xiao, Y; Chen, H.: Mobile Telemedicine - A Computing and Networking Perspective. CRC Press, 2008
Realizace:SW project + report
Vypsáno dne:01.02.2017