Téma:Improvements of the Models in LabLink
Vedoucí:Pavel Burget
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Popis:For the waterplant, which is used in LabLink, create the following enhancements:

Pokyny:1. Improve and make reliable the remote manipulations with the model. Analysis of the TCP/IP communication may be necessary. Implement the possibility of remote power-off feature using an IP relay.
2. Test different PLCs, which work with the plant, such as CPU 315-2 PN/DP and IPC Microbox. Check the possibilities of the latter stemming from using WinAC and PC-based programming.
3. Integrate the acyclic communication to the model. Integrate diagnostics functions and possibility to restart the frequency inverter (acknowledge errors).
4. Use the model of the waterplant created in Matlab and prepare a setup in which the PLC control can be done on this simulation model instead of the work with the real plant.
5. Improve the documentation of the model.

Activities: Step7, C#, Ruby, Ruby on Rails. If you don't know Ruby, it is easy to learn quickly.
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