Téma:Control of Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
Vedoucí:Ondřej Šantin
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Popis:As an emissions limits of diesel vehicle became more and more
strict the control system of diesel engines become more complex and
involve usage of new technologies as aftertreatment devices such as
Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). DPF is a device designed to remove
the diesel particulate matter or soot from exhaust flow by capturing
it on a its surface. As a surface of catalyst is limited, DPF needs to
be regenerated by increasing the inlet temperature so that the soot is
burnt and occupied surface space is made free for next cycle. As DPF
is highly nonlinear plant the application of model based control
method involves development of observer mainly for space occupied by
soot. The goal of the work would be application of Model Predictive
Control (MPC) for control of DPF. Hence the work could be split into 3
main tasks: Modeling, Observer and Controller development tasks.
Pokyny:The goal of the work would be:
1.Development of DPF Model (Matlab scripts or S-Function)
a.Existing Literature Review
b.Decision of model structure
c.Model implementation
2.Development of DPF Observer (Matlab scripts or S-Function)
a.Existing Literature Review
b.Decision of observer structure
c.Observer Implementation
3.Development of DPF MPC Controller (Matlab scripts or S-Function)
a.Existing Literature Review
b.Decision of controller strategies, sensors involved
c.Controller Implementation
Literatura:e.g. [1] Chen, Pingen, and Junmin Wang. 2014. “Control-Oriented Model for Integrated Diesel Engine and Aftertreatment Systems Thermal Management.” Control Engineering Practice 22 (January): 81–93. doi:10.1016/j.conengprac.2013.09.009. [2] Koltsakis, Grigorios C, and Anastasios M Stamatelos. 1997. “Catalytic Automotive Exhaust Aftertreatment.” Progress in Energy and Combustion Science 23 (97): 1–39. [3] Marek, M, P Koc, and M Kubíc. 2010. “Modelling of Soot Oxidation by NO 2 in Various Types of Diesel Particulate Filters.” Fuel 89 (2): 2365–2375. doi:10.1016/j.fuel.2010.04.018. [4] Schejbal, Matyáš. 2009. “Dynamic Behaviour of Complex Catalytic Systems.” Chemical Engineering. Institute of Chemical Technology, PhD Thesis, Prague. [5] Dvorak, Vladimir. 2010. “Modeling and Control of Aftertreatment Systems for Diesel Combustion Engines Czech Technical University in Prague Modeling and Control of Aftertreatment.” Structure. Czech Technical University in Prague. [6] Depcik, Christopher, and Dennis Assanis. 2005. “One-Dimensional Automotive Catalyst Modeling.” Progress in Energy and Combustion Science 31 (4) (January): 308–369. doi:10.1016/j.pecs.2005.08.001. [7] Bencherif, F Benaicha K, and M Sorine J C Vivalda. 2011. “Model Based Mass Soot Observer of Diesel Particle Filter.” In 18th IFAC World Congress in Milano, 10647–10652. etc.
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