Téma:Web-based tool for formalizing and querying medical reports
Vedoucí:Mgr. Miroslav Blaško Ph.D.
Vypsáno jako:Práce v týmu a její organizace
Popis:The web-based tool should manage medical reports and provide facilities to query formalized version of these reports. Medical reports are entered to the application in textual form with simple predefined structure. The application
should use rules to map certain patterns in the textual content of a medical report to formal language represented by OWL2 Web Ontology Language. Such representation of medical reports can be then queried with simple predefined template queries within the application web interface. The web application should provide secure mechanism to view medical data. Examples of oncological reports will be provided.
Pokyny:1) Become familiar with semantic web technologies and tools (RDF, OWL, SPARQL-DL, Open-RDF Sesame, Pellet) as well as JavaEE techologies and tools (JPA, JSF, Spring).
2.) Based on analysis of provided medical reports and existing ontologies in this domain choose specific parts of the report that will be formalized and create specific ontology for this purpose.
3.) Design and implement library for extraction of formalized data from the reports based on text matching rules.
4.) Design and implement web application to enter reports in textual form and query them using predefined template-based queries using report formalisation.
5.) Test implemented features of the library and the tool.

Literatura:Noy, Natalya F., and Deborah L. McGuinness. "Ontology development 101: A guide to creating your first ontology." (2001). W3C Owl Working Group. "{OWL} 2 Web Ontology Language Document Overview." (2009). Available at Source, Spring. "Spring Framework Reference Documentation." Available at: <(>
Realizace:SW projekt v Jave
Vypsáno dne:11.02.2018
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