Téma:Langerhans islet counting from microscopy images
Vedoucí:Ing. Jan Švihlík Ph.D.
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Popis:Evaluation of images of Langerhans islets is a crucial procedure for
planning an islet transplantation which is a promising diabetes treatment. This project deals with implementation of plugin for ImageJ software enabling an evaluation of images of Langerhans islets.

- image segmentation into two classes (islet, background) using several classifiers (e.g. SVM, linear classifier)
- implementation of method serving for estimation of segmentation quality
- implementation of methods serving for estimation of quantitative islet parameters and their export to xls file
- implementation of user friendly graphical user interface
- creation of documentation in Latex typesetting software
Literatura:[1] Schlesinger, M. I. and Hlavac, V., [Ten Lectures on Statistical and Structural Pattern Recognition], Springer Netherlands, first ed. (2002). [2] Friberg, A. S., "Quanti cation of the islet product: Presentation of a standardized current good manufacturing practices compliant system with minimal variability," Transplantation 91(6), 677-683 (2011). [3]
Realizace:Software, Plugin for ImageJ
Vypsáno dne:11.02.2014
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