Téma:3D face morphable model
Vedoucí:Ing. Jan Čech Ph.D.
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Popis:3D morphable model is a parametric model which allows to synthesise 3D model of human faces. It consists of both 3D shape model and color texture image. This model allow to synthesise various faces by a small number of parameters which has a great application potential in computer graphics and computer vision. The task of the student team will be to create such a model from scratch.
Pokyny:Creating the model will include:
+ Collect a dataset which would capture RGB-D data of several subjects. At least 100 faces will be required. This could be done by a Kinect-like sensor or by a stereo-camera. The output is a textured mesh model for each subject.
+ Registration of the models among the subjects and normalization into the canonical coordinates. This can be done semi-automatically, by locating facial landmarks and manual adjustment.
+ Creating the model by PCA analysis (average model + eigen directions).
+ Testing the model by face synthesis, preliminary experiments to fit the model into input images.
Literatura:Blanz V, Vetter T. A Morphable Model For The Synthesis Of 3D Faces. In SIGGRAPH, 1999. Pascal Paysan, Reinhard Knothe, Brian Amberg, Sami Romdhani, and Thomas Vetter. In Proceedings of the 6th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal based Surveillance (AVSS) for Security, Safety and Monitoring in Smart Environments. 2009 .
Realizace:code (in Matlab)
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