Téma:Monocular body height measurement
Vedoucí:Ing. Jan Čech Ph.D.
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Popis:single view metrology
A human body height is a cue which could be used in identity recognition in a surveillance setup. Identity of a subject is usually recognized from face images, which is however not always available in a sufficient quality, due to a limited resolution, distance, or occlusion. Therefore multiple cues is fused in order to recognize the subject's identity more reliably: face recognition, body height, or gait [1,2].

Body height can be measured absolutely with a single camera in a calibrated setup [3], or at least relatively (e.g. who is taller than who/what) if the calibration information is limited or unavailable.

This topic would require designing a ground-truth experiment in order to study various aspects as camera resolution, camera angle, subject distance, and their impact on accuracy of the measurement. A fusion with face recognition could be also further investigated.

The image is a reproduction from [3].


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