Téma:Implementation of RPC solution for running of arbitrary SW module on embedded HW
Vedoucí:Jan Šváb; Garant: Prof. Ing. Tomáš Svoboda Ph.D.
Vypsáno jako:Diplomová práce
Popis:Assignment [pdf]

The firmware of modern ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is built from a set of reusable SW modules. Each of these is developed with clearly defined public interface and with emphasis on portability between various CPU architectures. The development of module functionality (the algorithm) is done on the PC, however the resulting code must run with the same results and within given timing constraints on various different embedded targets. The goal of this work this is to be able to run certain parts of ECU firmware on embedded target while the rest of the ECU firmware functionality is still being developed on PC. This methodology has also a wide range of applications in the field of SW testing and validation.

About Valeo:
Valeo is one of the biggest tier­1 automotive components supplier worldwide, active in various areas such as lighting systems, powertrain systems, comfort systems, etc. In TCE Prague our work is focussed on development of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and driving automation systems.
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