Téma:Smart Web Interface for Question Answering System
Vedoucí:Mgr. Petr Baudiš , Ing. Jan Šedivý CSc.
Vypsáno jako:Bakalářská práce
Popis: In our group, we are building the "brmson" system for question
answering - the user enters a question like "What is the name of
the southwesternmost tip of England?", "Who received the Peace Nobel
Prize in 2014?", "What hair color did Thomas Jefferson have before
grey?", "What is the distance of Earth from Sun?" or "How to change
a flat tire?"; the system generates a hopefully correct reply (or
several possible reploies). It can be thought of as a simpler version
of Google where the input are not just keywords but a fully phrased
question, and the output are not search results, but the actual

The task here is building a web interface for such a system. However,
this is not a trivial matter of an input box and simple results page;
the usefulness of the system would radically improve if we made it
*more* like (say) Google, letting the user explore potential replies and
letting the system justify them by evidence it found - links to source
material, answer type evaluation, etc.; all this should be highly
interactive and user friendly. The system may take some time to
generate various answers, so the view all also needs to be fluid and
displayed incrementally.
Vypsáno dne:18.11.2014