Téma:Pump control electronics development
Vedoucí:Jiří Dostál
Vypsáno jako:Práce v týmu a její organizace
Popis:The objective, in long term, is to develop control electronics for small brushless DC hydronic circulation pump. For the purpose of the course a proven concept of the electronics realization will be satisfactory.
Pokyny:Given a real electronically commutated circulation pump and suitable microprocessor development kit

1) propose a modular architecture of the pump electronics,
2) develop a schematic realization of electronics for most of the modules,
3) build a (breadboard) working prototypes of the modules,
4) use the microprocessor development board to test modules functionality.

Each team member will have its personal task and by the joint team effort a practical achievement will be reached. The best students might be offered a summer student scholarships for continuation on the electronics development.
Literatura:* Siegenthaler, J. (2012). Modern Hydronic Heating: For Residential and Light Commercial Buildings. Delmar, Cengage Learning. * Brushless DC motor control related literature. * Zigbee related literature.
Realizace:Circuit schematics, C code
Vypsáno dne:03.02.2015
Max. počet studentů:4
Přihlášení studenti:Andrej Čižmár, Jiří Kubeš, Matej Ondrička, Ondřej Renza