Téma:Human body motion capture system
Vedoucí:Jan Roháč
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Popis:The aim of this project is to design human body motion capture system with optimized performance for battery operation. The system will use current technology of inertial sensors aided by magnetometers (Invensense MPU-9150) and GPS receiver. The design will include a study of power consumption with respect to capturing points, data rates, wireless communication and calculation loads. Furthermore, the design will cover a performance study of MPU-9150 and data processing. Since a measurement unit with MPU-9150 is already available the study will be based also on real experiments and obtained data.
Pokyny:The solution needs open-minded guys who wish to work on a real application which is going to be applied not just under laboratory conditions. The whole process of the project will be guided by a supervisor with long experience in navigation systems and navigation solution. The project will generally require basic knowledge in Matlab, C code programming (uC STM32Fxxx) and optionally Java (PC inerface).

The PTO assignments can be extended for diploma theses. The topic provides broad possibilities for student mobility within PEGASUS Network (

Literatura:Will be provided.
Realizace:Study project
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