Téma:Hexacopter motion and control system
Vedoucí:Jan Roháč
Vypsáno jako:Práce v týmu a její organizace
Popis:The aim of this project is to design and develop a motion and control system for an available hexacopter. A target application is to control the hexacopter motion based on updated trajectory with respect to evaluated current position, velocity, and attitude. The assignment thus has three parts: a) 4D planning to get the trajectory with respect to available map details, which is updated based on environmental conditions, b) estimating the navigation solution including position, velocity, and attitude based on accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer measurements and GPS positioning when available, c) controlling the body motion to provide its stability and fulfill defined mission objectives.
Pokyny:The solution needs open-minded guys who wish to work on a real application which is going to be applied not just under laboratory conditions. This project will be guided and supervised by J. Roháč (Dept. of Measurement) – navigation solution, by M. Hromčík (Dept. of Control Eng.) – control, and by M. Rollo (Dept. of Computer Science) – 4D planning. The project will require knowledge in Matlab.

The PTO assignments can be extended for diploma theses. The topic provides broad possibilities for student mobility within PEGASUS Network (
Literatura:Will be provided.
Realizace:SW project
Vypsáno dne:06.02.2015
Max. počet studentů:6
Přihlášení studenti:Filip Rak, Jan Bulušek, Michal Marek, Néstor Caro

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