Téma:Visual editor of HTML5 forms and web user interface
Vedoucí:Ing. Josef Kufner
Vypsáno jako:Práce v týmu a její organizace
Popis:The goal is to implement visual editor for creating HTML5 forms and user interface. User will drag&drop widgets from palette into a sketch of a future form and set their properties (like name, label and HTML5 validation rules). The editor will replace textarea element in any ordinary HTML5 form.
Pokyny:The editor should be similar to Pencil, Glade (Gtk) or the GUI editor in Qt Creator, but embedded into ordinary HTML5 form and respecting HTML5 environment.

Input of the editor:
1. JSON configuration of the edited form stored in <textarea>.
2. Palette stored in standalone JSON file.

Output of the editor: JSON configuration of the edited form stored back in the <textarea>.

There is no server-side component. The communication is done only by manipulating the JSON content of the <textarea>.

UI toolkit is already prepared and working, however, widgets will have to be rendered manually in the editor (like Pencil does).
Literatura:More detailed specification in czech
Realizace:jQuery plugin
Vypsáno dne:07.02.2015
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