Téma:Raspberry Pi slot car platform
Vedoucí:Dan Martinec
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Popis:Prepare a slot car platform based on the Raspberry Pi compute module. The platform should serve for experiments in the field of vehicular platooning.
Pokyny:Hardware part of project:
1) Prepare a board to interface the Raspberry Pi Compute Module with the following specifications:
a) DC/DC step-down converter to 5 V and 3.3V for the power supply
b) Backup capacitor (may be a supercap) or battery to prevent loss of power for at least 1s.
c) 2x PWM output for distance measurement boards
d) USB connector to host a WiFi dongle.
e) A/D Converter via SPI (at least 4 channels).
f) H-bridge which must be connected to PWM output of the compute module. The module must be able to drive the motor in both directions.
g) MEMS Accelerometer/gyroscope.

Software part of project:
2) Implement Wifi communication.
3) Implement the interface to ADC, PWM, SPI and I2C.
4) Implement speed and distance controllers (use the controllers already implemented).
5) Prepare the graphical user interface for the slot car platform.

6) The source codes should be well commented. Prepare a technical report that explains functionality of both the hardware and software parts.
Realizace:HW/SW projekt
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Max. počet studentů:4
Přihlášení studenti:Filip Richter, Filip Svoboda, Jan Kříž, Martin Lád