Téma:Object Manipulation with an Arm Mounted on a Mobile Platform
Vedoucí:Gaël Ecorchard; Garant:
Vypsáno jako:Diplomová práce,Bakalářská práce,Individuální projekt,Semestrální projekt
Popis:As robots are more and more used for manipulation of objects whose position is not precisely defined, e.g. a robot grasping an item from an unordered stack or domestic robots, algorithms must be developed for such situations. The scenario that needs to be developed is that of a robot consisting of a mobile platform associated with an articulated arm that detects an objects thanks to a pre-saved point cloud of this object, approaches the object with the mobile platform, grasp the object with the articulated arm and puts the object in a pre-defined place.
Expectations: basic knowledge in C/C++ or Python. The communication with the supervisor and the written report can be in English or in Czech.
Vypsáno dne:06.10.2015