Téma:3D printed UAV platform
Vedoucí:Martin Hromčík
Vypsáno jako:Práce v týmu a její organizace
Popis:Design and develop 3D printed UAV platform for further applications of different algorithms and experiments developed at DCE FEE CTU.
Pokyny:First, discover latest innovations in 3D printing, different materials and approaches. Study the effects of rough 3D printed surface on aircraft performance. Find the way to convert model for 3D printer into mathematical model, which can be used further for developing different algorithms. Choose apropriate HW for controlling the plane and implement it in your printed aircraft design. Finally create detailed manual for future extensions of this project

(Note: this project is intended for students Blažek, Kerner, Kohout, Mondek)
Literatura:STEVENS, Brian L a Frank L LEWIS. Aircraft control and simulation. 2nd ed. Hoboken, N.J.: J. Wiley, 2003, xvi, 664 p. ISBN 0471371459.
Realizace:SW a HW projekt
Vypsáno dne:15.02.2016
Max. počet studentů:4
Přihlášení studenti:Jiří Kerner, Martin Mondek, Michal Blažek, Petr Kohout