Téma:Calibration Platform for Navigation Systems
Vedoucí:Martin Šipoš
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Popis:The project is dedicated to a design and development of a calibration platform using Pan&Tilt device PTU D46-70 (FLIR manufacturer) for calibration of navigation systems in terms of inertial sensors, such as 3 axial accelerometers and 3 axial gyroscopes. The calibration should be at the end fully autonomous. Even if the assignment includes a design and development of both HW and SW, the emphasis is put on SW. The SW should control required maneuvers with the platform, pool the data and estimate an error model of the navigation system being calibrated. Optimally all should be done in MATLAB environment.
The project develops deep knowledge of navigation systems applicable in aerial and/or terrestrial vehicles including navigation systems’ calibration, sensors and their stochastic/deterministic errors compensation/modeling, Allan variance analyses.
Pokyny:Requirements: Matlab. Knowledge of calibration procedures, sensor error modeling, navigation principles will be useful, but it is not required. All can be a part of consultations.

The taks can be divided among 4 - 6 students.
Literatura:[1] Groves P.D.: Principles of GNSS, inertial, and multisensor integrated navigation systems, ARTECH HOUSE, ISBN-13: 978-1-58053-255-6 [2] ......
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