Téma:Improvement of an existing testbed for distributed control - slotcar platoon.
Vedoucí:Ivo Herman
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Popis:The existing testbed for distributed control is a chain of Carrera slot cars equipped with processing and sensor unit. Each car contorls itself independently of the others, but together they should achieve a common goal. The computing unit is a Raspberry Pi module for management along with STM32 for real-time processing. The communication is done using WiFi and Zigbee. The project offers student to learn the basics of distributed control and the effects of interconnection of several subsystems.

The work that should be done is: replace the current distance sensor by a more reliable one (either design new one or find one availbable on the market), implement different control algorithms, improve the GUI on PC for platoon control and incorporate all changes to an existing Android interface.
Pokyny:The project consists of at least 4 different tasks:
1) Create a new and more reliable distance sensor. Either design a new measurement board for the existing measurement method, or find a new available sensor and incorporate it into the system. HW or SW task.
2) Implement several platoon control algorithms. Each car controls itself only using locally available information, but by wireless communication states of other vehicles are available. Programming in Java and C. Knowledge of Linux is an advantage.
3) Improve our current GUI to enable better parameter management of individual cars. Different controllers and controller parameters should be allowed. Involves programming in Java.
4) Incorporate all changes to an existing Android program. In order to allow fancier presentation of the platform, an Android interface was developed. Now all the new concepts have to be incorporated. Java programming.
5) Our previous platform used Zigbee for communication. A Zigbee module is present also in the new platform. Thus, an interface should be implemented to the chip. Programming in Java.
6) Interface to Matlab. Although each car controls itself locally, it would be very convenient to have an interface to Matlab. For instance, for setting of the speed profile of the leading vehicle and for real-time visualization and processing of measured data.
Realizace:SW project (partially also HW) with basic control algorithms
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