Téma:Modelling and control of the vacuum rotary kiln
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Popis:Vacuum drying is often used in various industrial processes. Drying takes place at lower temperature and thanks to that the material do not degrade due to high temperature. The aim of this project is to develop a mathematical model of the drying process and to design and implement a model predictive controller. The project should deliver (not all parts to be solved)

- A mathematical model of the kiln and the vacuum pump (Matlab / C++ / C#)
- A mathematical model of the dried material (Matlab / C++ / C#)
- Design of the optimal feedback control (Siemens S7-300, TIA)
- Design of the model predictive control (Siemens S7-300, TIA)
- Algorithm for automatic on-line update of the model

The project will be solved with close cooperation with AIRS company (
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