Téma:Autonomous 3D printing farm
Vedoucí:Jiří Zemánek
Vypsáno jako:Práce v týmu a její organizace
Popis:The goal of the project is to build a mock-up of the system for automatic operation of a 3D printing farm (several 3D printers in one place). In the end, the system should be able to take a set of STL files as an input and provides a batch of physical objects as an output. Everything in between should be automatic, so the main part of the project is to build a mechanism for taking prints out of the printers. Moreover, whole production process hat to be planned and controlled. Products should also be inspected in the end.

Students will work in close collaboration with Prusa Research company---Czech well-known producer of 3D printers. The final product will be open, and therefore it can have a great impact on the community. Only motivated (and ideally experienced) students should apply for the project.
Vypsáno dne:31.01.2017
Max. počet studentů:6
Přihlášení studenti:Cesar Augusto Sinchiguano Chiriboga, Jan Trejbal, Jiří Záhora, Krištof Pučejdl, Vojtěch Talíř, Zuzana Tůmová