Téma:VHDL design of the impulse generator
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Popis:Familiarise with the general principle of generating pulses on the FPGA circuits.
Main goal of this project is development a a pulse generator with nanosecond resolution. Solution to use FPGA. The parameters of the output signal is as follows: repetition frequency is adjustable in the range 10 MHz to 100 MHz, the pulse width can be set in the range of 1 to 20 ns with a step of 0.1 ns. Use VHDL language For synthesis.

The topic is suitable for the students which have a basic knowledge of VHDL language.

The project can be divided into following stages:
1/ theoretical study of the problem - select proper method for implementation
2/ hardware platform specification according the requirements
3/ implementation of one method of pulses generation in VHDL
4/ verification and testings on real hardware - measurement a final parameters
5/ documentation & report

There are available a various evaluation boards for FPGA INTEL (Altera) and QUARTUS IDE.

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Realizace:VHDL code (IP core) for FPGA
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