Téma:Human Localization in a Robotized Warehouse
Vedoucí:Gaël Écorchard; Garant:
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Popis:The European project SafeLog ( aims at developing a system allowing humans and robots to collaborate in a warehouse. The project is run by an international consortium of six universities and industries. One of the tasks in such a system consists in localizing the human operators in the warehouse in order to be able to integrate them in a robotic system.

The aim of the project is to participate in the development of a sensoric system with associated algorithms for the human localization. The main sensors will be cameras worn by the human operator on a safety vest, so that computer vision methods will be used. The current system is able to locate the human thanks to some stickers on the warehouse ground, which are used for the localization of the mobile robots. It needs to be made more robust, requires testing, and needs to be improved with the localization based on the racks, for example by the addition of tags on these racks.
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