Téma:Identification, estimation and control design for eForce formula
Vedoucí:Martin Gurtner
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Popis:This project is mainly motivated by the needs of our faculty eForce team ( developing an all-electric formula. Depending on the number of students choosing this project, the established team will deal with several tasks related to the identification of a mathematical model of the formula, state estimation in real time and design of some advanced numerical optimal controllers.
You will have several datasets with signals from various sensors (accelerometer, gyro, wheel velocity, …) at your disposal. The datasets capture measured data from a few (race) rides and are all stored in Matlab format (.mat files). We will also provide you with a single-track model of the formula.

Although this project will be supervised by a member of Department of Control Engineering, the established team will be closely collaborating with members of the eForce team. You may take this project as an opportunity to work on a real all-electric formula and possibly as the first step to joining the eForce team.
Pokyny:1. Estimation of longitudinal velocity based on data from IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), wheel velocities and angle of the steering wheel.
2. Estimation of the side-slip angle based on data from IMU, wheel velocities and angle of the steering wheel.
3. Estimation of the traction ellipse of the wheel (estimation of the load on wheels and axles).
4. Design of a longitudinal slip ratio controller.
5. Design of a yaw rate controller.
Literatura:Matlab racing lounge -, A recent master thesis dealing with torque vectoring
Realizace:Matlab code and Simulink models
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