Téma:Cyber-Physical Hydronic Heating Platform
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Popis:We are developing an innovative pump-based hydronic heating control device. Our current testbed has already reached its limits, thus, join us in development of a new cyber-physical simulation & testing platform resembling a real building environment!

Project idea:
Simulate a building with a one-pipe hydronic network in Simulink. Replace one heat exchanger branch with a real-world platform. Use a set of sources, sensors, and actuators to recreate a simulated environment for the physical platform. Control the heat exchanger, measure its heat flow and feed it back to the cyber side. (Platform purpose: Develop and validate heat exchanger control algorithms.)

Project scope:
* Create building simulation model using a provided toolbox. Create mathematical model of an intended real testbed. Design a controller capable of tracking the simulated supply water temperature in the testbed.
* Design electronics for testbed peripherals (flowmeter, dp sensor, temperature sensors, on/off actuators, modulating actuators, etc.). Build a PCB shield for a suitable ethernet-enabled platform (Arduino, RPi, BeagleBone,.. ).
* Implement peripheral drivers for the electronics platform. Implement MATLAB/Simulink counterpart.
* Implement real building communication protocol BACnet for the electronics platform and Matlab/Simulink.
* Make the system work.
* (Once the real testbed is built, it will be connected to the testing platform).

Project team roles:
Control engineer, Electronics designer, Matlab programmer, Embedded programmer
Realizace:Matlab/Simulink + HW realizace
Vypsáno dne:27.02.2018
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