Téma:Morphing wing with Macro Fiber Composite (MFC) actuator
Vedoucí:Filip Svoboda
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Popis:The subject of this project is a new concept of an aircraft wing construction known as “a morphing wing.” The shape of the wing has enormous effects on the flight. However, the optimal wing shape is changing during the flight and a rigid wing with rigid moveable surfaces is only a compromise. Variable wing geometry offers better efficiency, noise reduction, minimize drag, etc. Moreover, by using smart materials such as MSC actuators it is possible to reduce the weight of the aircraft significantly.
The goal of this project is to devise a solution of the mechanical airfoil construction using MFC actuators. These designs should be experimentally verified in a form of a small wing (or airfoil) model. 3D printer, milling machine or laser cutter machines are available for the construct realisation. The second part of the project is to develop a software (can be a Matlab program) for MFC deformation visualization. This software tool is intended for studying and designing MFC geometric configuration on the supporting structure in context of suitable morphing wing parameters.
Pokyny:1. Morphing wing design (CAD)
2. Model realization (3D printer)
3. MFC visualization (Matlab)
Realizace:CAD design, HW (3D printer/laser cutter/…), SW (Matlab/C#/Java/Python/…)
Vypsáno dne:08.02.2018
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